BJ for GAGOP Chairman

I want to be your next Georgia GOP Chairman!

For Georgia Republicans, the 2013 State Republican Convention will be a very important event.  The Georgia Republican Party will be electing new officers to lead our state through the next cycle of state and national elections.  Over the years, I have served our state party in various leadership positions that qualify me to assume the duties of Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

The 2012 national election was disappointing for all Republicans.  One reason was a lack of coherent and consistent leadership and messaging that did not resonate loudly enough with various constituent groups.  Under my leadership, our message will be consistent for all citizens of Georgia.  My supporters and I invite you to join us in a  GRASSROOTS  style of inclusion in which participation and service is open to all.  Together, we must rebuild, more strongly than ever, and create a better Georgia Republican Party.

I am READY to serve, but I need your help! Please vote for BJ Van Gundy at this year's
Georgia Republican State Convention in Athens and help me turn the Grand Old Party into the


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BJ's Blueprint:

Enhance Our Technology

While great strides were made since 2008 to catch up with the Democrats' use of technology, there is still a gap.  We need to continue to improve on our Telecom, Social Media and Targeting technologies in order to maximize our reach. Click here for more.

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